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Mason kills young gay after receiving sung

Marcelo Antonio Lino, 23, was murdered with a dog collar at dawn on the 7th in Volta Redonda, in Rio de Janeiro. The person responsible for the crime is the bricklayer Albert Kroll Kardec de Souza, 22, who would have committed the action after receiving a sung from the young man.

According to the accused himself, who confessed to the crime, Marcelo would have cheered him out of a gay nightclub, offering sexual proposals.

“I took Marcelo to the empty lot and told him to stay on his back and with the chain I gave him six to seven strands. Yet he did not die. So I held the chain and dragged him for about ten yards until I made sure he was dead, “he said.

He still denied being homophobic and does not regret the crime: “I do not like gays, but I’ve always respected that race. I killed because he did not respect me when he sang to me. “