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Miss Gay Earth International Brazilian Candidate Misses Contest

Miss Gay Earth International was held last July 1st in Bogotá, Colombia, which received candidates from all over Latin America, including our Miss Brazil Stella Windson.

Stella, who had been preparing for more than 3 months for the international stage, won the position of 5 (Fifth) Finalist in the overall standings. The big winner was the representative of Thailand.

After negative reports from many candidates who also participated in the event, our Miss Brazil also decided to open the game and talk about what happened.

“We have always been talking about beauty contests there, or even favoring certain candidates, but when things happen under your nose, where you are the victim, we are out of reaction and we do not know how to act.”

Stella says that she lived days of true neglect and unpreparedness for the Miss Gay Earth International Organization.

The lack of organization and the non-compliance of the rules of the contest by the producers was what most attracted the attention of the 21 candidates who disputed the crown.

Delays, lack of structure, lack of staff, transfer to the candidates who had to bear all the expenses to fulfill an extensive schedule of appointments during their stay in the Colombian capital. These were some of the points cited by many of the boys who had a dream of becoming Miss Gay Earth International 2017.

After questioning about a possible favoring of some Guatemalan Representative candidates was threatened by one of the producers who told her to have a copy of her passport and she would not leave Colombia, that this was more than enough to contact Immigration . In addition to saying that he was directly involved with the local police, thus intimidating the 28 year old.

On the night of the Election and Coronation Stella says that the event was delayed by more than two and a half hours, which was scheduled to begin at 7:00 PM local time in Bogotá, starting at almost 10:00 PM. Which made the event a real mess.

We were all ready waiting in the dressing rooms as requested by the organization of the event. We did not know what was happening and at no time were we positioned absolutely. There was no water for us to take in the dressing rooms. Stella also reports that between the exchange of the first Costume for the second there was a break of approximately 15 minutes and that was not respected.

One of the producers entered the dressing room screaming that he would release the opening. “I had my wig on my hands, it only took time to fit it into my head and I practically burst into tears, not knowing what was going on.

It was moments of real despair to see your work of months being thrown out and disrespected in that way. ”

Even so our Miss Brazil was greeted by the public in their parade with Gala Dress.

“Only Brazil, Brazil, Brazil were heard.”

The contest that lasted just under 2 hours elected the 4 sovereigns of nature with the philosophy of preserving the environment. Later we discovered that they are personal friends of the producers and organizers.

Awards such as Best Traditional Costume, Miss Elegance, Best Bandmate, were not delivered, so little mentioned by the organizers. These awards that were signed into contract in addition to the amount of $ 500 to winning, jewelry, aesthetic treatments for smile, rhinoplasty among others also were not delivered.

“I lived moments of humiliation and neglect, what was a dream became a nightmare. I invested more than 15 thousand reais for this great moment that will be marked forever as one of the worst in my life. Caring and support of many friends, fans and my family who made me move on.

I know I did my best, above all it was lovely to be able to carry the name of our country the world outside “.

After all this Stella says that this happened to serve as an example for many other trasformistas who do not leave their houses or even participate in competitions without first knowing its history and references. Research well enough not to suffer what I have suffered.

Stella concludes: “Do not let the sadness of the past and the fear of the future end the happiness of the moment.”

saiba antes via instagram @revista.maisjr