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The recognition of rights of transsexuals was one of the topics on the agenda of the meeting of the Commission on Constitution, Justice and Citizenship (CCJ) last Wednesday in Brasilia.

PLS 658/2011, by Senator Marta Suplicy (PMDB-SP), recognizes the rights of transsexuals to gender identity and the exchange of names and sex in identity documents. If approved by the CCJ, the proposal may be submitted to the Chamber of Deputies, unless an appeal is presented for voting by the Senate Plenary.

The project adopts the principle that every person has the right to the free development of his personality, according to his own gender identity, regardless of his biological, anatomical, morphological, hormonal or other gender. This right includes the option to have the identity, the name and the sex with which the person recognizes as indicated in the civil registry and in the identity documents, passport voter’s title or any other.

The rapporteur, Senator Jader Barbalho (PMDB-PA), supports approval by means of a substitute, which does not change the content, but avoids the creation of an autonomous law, framing the proposed regulation in existing legislation compatible with the theme: Of Public Records (Law 6,015 / 1973) and the Civil Code itself.

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