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Pabllo Vittar assumes need and reveals that he was already horned

Queen Pabllo Vittar is the cover of this month’s issue of Rolling Stone magazine and in an interview for the publication she confessed some secrets.

“In general, my days are always happy. I loved and always loved to show myself, to show myself to others, and I think that even today I’m always trying to find a way for someone to notice me. Already some things, like being alone in the hotel, I hate, “he said.

“It becomes sad at times. Everyone likes me and my job, but when I get to the hotel or some city, I do not have anyone. I’m very needy, that’s the truth. ”

Pabllo also talked about his love life. She had only one boyfriend in her life and he betrayed her.

“Oh, he was my first boyfriend in life and we were, like, two years together. He betrayed me and I went to do what? Drinking with my friend. ”

Forces for the queen.

saiba antes via instagram @revista.maisjr