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Pabllo Vittar talks about supposed partnership with Dua Lipa

2018 really promises to be even more special than for Pabllo Vittar. The queen is expected to reach larger flights and embark on new international partnerships after the feat with Charli XCX. Dua Lipa inclusive is one of the listed.

But in an interview with the Popline site, drag debunked on the subject when asked about.

“Boy, I love Dua very much. She started following me on social networks and we exchanged some ideas and … I’m really looking forward to this year! (smiles as if he can not say more than that) As I said, I have several international partnerships to take place. I already have this second album and have a separate project, which is an EP in other languages, with partnerships with people who already have a lot of “, he said.

Was it our dream?

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