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Paula Fernandes will participate in “God Save the King”

Without issuing more hits in the song, Paula Fernandes will now become an actress. She will do a part in chapter 70 of “God Save the King”, novel of 19h of the Globe. The singer will work with Tatá Werneck, living a nun.

“I’m very good when I can. It is even a great honor to give boz to the many tracks of novels and films. There have been more than 16 novels. Taking part in this overproduction will be another incredible experience! I think I’m going to have a lot of fun. I do not see the time, “he told an interview with Quem magazine.

“It will be a ‘hot’ for next year that is full of news in my career. Soon my fans will check out the new tour that I’m preparing with a lot of affection, “he finished.

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