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Professor makes relationship between homosexuality and thyroid at USP

In a lecture given at the School of Physical Education and Sports of USP, a professor said that thyroid disorders can cause “homosexuality, masculinization of women and unmanagement of men.”

The slide with the statement was designed, on Wednesday (25), by Professor Antonio Carlos Simões, responsible for the discipline “psychological dimensions of physical education and sport.”

Registered in a photo by a student, the slide has circulated through social networks and generated discussion among students who accuse the teacher of statements that are macho and homophobic.

Wanted, Simões, a former Olympic coach of the Brazilian men’s handball team, said it was a misunderstanding among the students and did not want to explain the lesson.

Asked about the scientific references used, he directed that the article search for articles and “a video that was spent on Globo”. I could not tell the date, nor what a report it was.

In a statement, the School of Physical Education said it was “committed to contributing to education, human rights, democracy and the preservation of the rights to diversity.” The case was referred to the Human Rights Nucleus, which will talk to the professor next Monday.

Alexandre Hohl, president of the Brazilian Society of Endocrinology and Metabolism, says that there is no medical evidence to justify the relationship between thyroid and sexuality of LGBT people. “It’s a mistake for people to go to areas they do not own, either at undergraduate or graduate level.”

Endocrinologist Ricardo Botticini Peres of the Israelita Hospital Albert Einstein explains that virilization and masculinization are diseases associated with adrenal or ovarian tumors and certain genetic diseases.

“In extreme cases, when the disease is advanced, there may be sexual dysfunction, decreased libido and menstrual changes, but these are secondary symptoms of low thyroid hormone,” he says.

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