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Professor says he was fired from JK College for being gay

The Portuguese-language teacher at JK College, Lucas Solano, 28, was fired on Wednesday (5/7) after dressing as a drag queen at a school gymnastics school. The professor claims that his dismissal occurred because of his sexual and religious orientation. According to him, this would not have been the first time he had been retaliated by the command of the institution.

Solano taught classes for elementary and middle schools, in the units of Asa Norte and Taguatinga, four years ago. On Tuesday (4), during school gymkhana, he claims to have been attacked by a group of students from one of the teams: the teenagers jumped on the teacher after winning a test. Solano, he said, got up and asked the students to leave.

“I do not hide who I am for the school corps or anyone. I think that in the age of self-assertion, like the one we live in, no one should be less than he is, “said the teacher. “But the fact is, the boards never liked that, and that was clear from my demotivated resignation, the day after I was a drag queen in the school gymnastics. I’m not asking everyone to love me, but to respect me, especially as a professional, “he added.

The school denies that the dismissal was motivated by prejudice, according to a note on the case published on Facebook of the institution. Asked by the Metropolis, the management did not want to add anything beyond what was already disclosed. Until the publication of this article, the post had received almost 800 comments – mostly, criticism of the posture of the college. The school ended up deleting the post.

In the text, the school said that it is against homophobia and that the sexual orientation, ethnicity or social class in dismissal was not taken into account: “What was and always will be taken into account is the commitment of the professional.” According to the text, the accusations made to the school are serious and “we are sorry for the misunderstanding”.

In addition to the accusation of prejudice, Solano says that the school has labor debts with him. “They never deposited a portion of me from the FGTS. Known to have been fired six months ago are only getting the hit amount now. The school does not respect its professionals, “he said.

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