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Research shows that all regions of Brazil have bias

Homophobia is the main preconception among Brazilians who assume the condition of being prejudiced. That is what the Skol Dialogues research reveals. Released this week, the survey, commissioned by the famous beer brand and conducted by Ibope, brings astonishing data.

Data from the study, conducted in all regions of the country, show that, although 83% of respondents declare themselves to be unprejudiced, 72% have already made some offensive comments. That is, seven out of 10 Brazilians have already said some square phrase. The research was based on four types of prejudice masked by usual phrases: machismo, LGBTphobia, aesthetic and racial.

All forms of prejudice are present in the daily life of the Brazilian, being practiced or just witnessed. Machismo is present in the everyday of 99% of the ears. 61% have already spoken some macho comment, even if some do not recognize the prejudice. The LGBTfobia was cited as the main prejudice among Brazilians who declared themselves to be prejudiced, with a rate of 29%.

Although 45% of Brazilians can perceive prejudice in sentences spoken or heard in their lives, half of these people say they do not react when they hear a prejudiced comment. When there is a reaction, women are the majority and correspond to 60%. Men, on the other hand, detect less prejudiced comments: 57%.

According to Ricardo Sales, a researcher in diversity at USP, prejudice is naturalized in Brazilian society, “Research warns of the need to talk more about the subject and reflect on attitudes that prevent respect and the connection between people in everyday life” , he says.

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