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Rocco Steele dances in Brazilian nightclub and people get crazy with neca; watch

In April of this year, the international gay porn star Rocco Steele was, for the first time, on Brazilian soil to participate in a famous party in São Paulo. At the time, the magic, known for its “hard style” in sex, showed all its “rudeness” to the public, dancing completely naked and excited, leaving its member within reach of the public that, of course, made the most of it.

Soon, Rocco will return to perform at Bigger XXXcited and promises to cause one more time. In the meantime, we will remember for you this iconic moment of the artist on national soil.

You’re curious, are not you? So take a look here. Then share with manas. Surely you will want to run to the next place that this yummy one will perform.

saiba antes via instagram @revista.maisjr