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SBT stars flee Carnival broadcast

Eliana and Celso Portiolli, great stars of the SBT, fled the broadcast of Carnival that year of the station, direct from Salvador. He left for the reserve team of Silvio Santos channel.

Hellen Ganzarolli, Nadja Haddad, Léo Sampaio and the comedian Tiago Barnabé (Narcisa) take over the coverage that begins on February 9 and runs until the 13th at the station’s studios at the Barra-Ondina Circuit in Salvador.

Eliana had jumped out of coverage since 2017 and narrowly escaped this time. Celso was participating for 7 years and is the big embezzlement this time.

The fact that it is an intense and excessive coverage also distracts the presenters.

(with information from journalist Keila Jimenez)

saiba antes via instagram @revista.maisjr