Scam is accused of intentionally infecting partners with HIV

Hairdresser Daryll Rowe, 26, is being accused of instigating unprotected sex with his partners to infect them with HIV, the virus that causes AIDS. According to the court that received the complaint, Daryll knew other men in Grindr – a dating application – and asked to have sex without a condom, saying he had no HIV. When partners insisted on using condoms, he purposely punched them. Daryll, who is originally from Edinburgh, Scotland, is accused of infecting four men with the virus and attempting to infect six more between October 2015 and December 2016. According to the British newspaper, he was diagnosed with HIV in April 2015, after a sexual health clinic contacted him to say his ex-partner was carrying the virus.

According to the newspaper, after the sexual intercourse, he would send a message to the partners confessing he had the virus and mocking the situation: “Maybe you are sick, I went inside you and I have HIV HAHA. who had had sex with Daryll. Prosecutor Caroline Carberry QC described her alleged crimes as “a cynical and deliberate campaign to infect other men with HIV.”

Doctors believed he was dealing well with his diagnosis, Caroline told the court, but they were worried when Daryll refused vaccination for common diseases that carriers of the virus are at risk of acquiring, such as pneumonia. They also did not understand when Daryll refused to take medications that could slow the development of the virus and make the infected less contagious.

According to the prosecutor, Daryll was warned that he could be sued for transmitting the virus or putting someone at risk of contracting it. “He told his doctors he would not have unprotected sex again, but he did not go to his appointments in Edinburgh and then moved to Brighton.”

Daryll’s partners

One of the men who made the complaint claimed he tested for the virus the morning he met Daryll, and the result was negative. He said he did not have sex again after that and was diagnosed with the virus two months later.

In a phone call to another partner who had insisted on using a condom, Daryll said, “I punched the condom, you’re so stupid, you did not even notice.” Another man said that he had only one sexual partner before Daryll and that he considered her boyfriend.

Judge Christine Henson has granted all victims the right to life anonymity and the option of submitting evidence through the computer so that they do not have to see Daryll in person in court. Following the filing of the complaints, police launched Operation Brickhill and a public health warning for the entire Brighton-area community to look for more potential Daryll victims who may have acquired HIV.

Information from The Guardian newspaper.

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