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Silvio Santos buys again “Topa or not Topa” to tag daughters on TV

Silvio Santos returned to acquire the rights to the game “Topa or not Topa”, presented by him between 2006 and 2009 and later in 2010 with Roberto Justus in the presentation. At SBT, the bet is that Patrícia Abravanel assumes the new version.

However, Rebeca Abravanel, another daughter that SS tries to emulate, can also command the attraction. If it persists, the performance will take place on Wednesday nights instead of “Pra Gan Gan Is Only Rota”, also commanded by Silvio.

Patricia takes advantage by having a promised program. As soon as her “Machine of Fame” came out last year there was a promise that she would return to the air after her maternity leave with a Sunday show.

It is not known which program this will be and what time it will go. The most likely idea is that it is between Eliana and her father’s attraction.

Patricia was even considered last year to present a new version of the iconic “Show of the Million”, but the SBT gave up the idea after Globo bought the original format for Luciano Huck’s show.

(with information from journalist Daniel Castro)

saiba antes via instagram @revista.maisjr