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Silvio Santos commands “Jogo dos Pontinhos” themed “Pajama party”

On Sunday, January 14, SBT’s “Silvio Santos Program” brings a lot of fun to viewers with Marcão do Povo and Rodrigo Scarpa (the “Vesgo”) alongside their respective wives in the “Game of Famous Couples” besides receiving the graffiti artist Paulo Terra and his team to talk about the latest mural in honor of SBT painted in São Paulo. The boss also commands an amusing dispute between the singers Joelma and Alinne Rosa in the “Game of the 3 Tracks”. And more, Patricia Abravanel, Cabrito Teves, Mara Maravilha, Lívia Andrade, Flor and Helen Ganzarolli in a “Game of the Dots” themed “Pajama Party”, in addition to a new “Hidden Camera” entitled “Steal Dinosaur Eggs”.

The “Jogo dos Pontinhos” counterpart of this Sunday presents the theme “Pajama party”, with the bench and the participants featured. Upon discovering the theme, Silvio comments: “There at home they also made the pajama party and they got me a pajama full of doggie, I do not know why”. Flower wears unicorn pajamas, Mara Marvelous pajamas, Patricia Abravanel a flowery sleep dress, Helen Ganzarolli wears a hobby, Kid Teves with Pajamas from the Keys and Lívia Andrade from baby doll. Silvio Santos asks his daughter, “Patricia, who invented that pajama business at home? Was it you or your mother?” Patricia responds: “It was my mother, because she is very creative and intelligent. Then she made the pajama party that was the maximum.” The boss says: “For me it was not the maximum.” Patricia comments: “It was a good idea,” he said, “and it was a little grumpy, you know?” Old man gets a little grumpy, you understand? “Then we started to get in pajamas, make a mess and he soon showed up in doggy pajamas. of the Abravanel family gathered at the pajama party). ” The boss also shows his pajamas with the print of Nadja Haddad, Rafinha and Helen Ganzarolli.

During the “Game of the 3 Tracks”, Silvio Santos plays with Joelma when asking if she lost the job by the old team. “I was not sent away Silvio, the company was mine and the band was mine. How was I going to be sent away? I just wanted to change phases,” explains the singer from Pará. music “Voando Pro Pará”, which marks its post-Calypso Band stage. “She’s good, hey,” says Silvio after the short presentation. Then Alinne Rosa invites Silvio Santos to visit the Bahia Carnival and asks if the boss knows about the traditional student cookie from the region called Punheta. “Antonio Carlos Magalhaes said,” Are not you going to eat Punch? “And I said,” I do not (laughs). I’m not over that age, “I told him.” Do you think a candidate is going to be eating Pheasant? “” No, no, “Silvio Santos replies when making a good-humored reference to his former visit to the state of Bahia.

In the “Game of Couples”, Silvio Santos asks Marcão about the origin of the nickname “of the People”: “It is because I fight for the people and defend the least favored on television and that is why the people put Marcão do Povo,” he explains. Silvio then comments: “But it was not here that you got that nickname, you came here to work on the Record, it seems that you gave a record and Bishop Macedo did not like the fact that you gave it and had you walk” . Marcão says: “God was already asking me to come to the SBT and in a prayer God touched your heart.” In conversation with Rodrigo Scarpa, who became famous as “Vesgo” of the now defunct “Panic on TV” program, Silvio says: “Rodrigo, I’m sorry you lost your job.” The comedian answers: “I do not … Silvio, life is like this … You know people thought that Panic was going to end and I’m here at the same time as Panic and Bandeirantes going through something else … And I’m here with you Silvio Santos “.

The biggest communicator in the country receives the graffiti artists Paulo Terra, Pedro Terra, Edy HP and Cristiano Batista, famous for making giant graffiti of pop personalities in São Paulo. Paulo Terra has been on the show because of another painting he did on Avenida 23 de Maio (SP) about the different phases of Silvio Santos’ career. This time, the artist came to the program with his team to talk about his latest mural painted in Marginal Pinheiros (SP) in honor of the SBT with the faces of presenters Silvio Abravanel, Patricia Abravanel, Carlos Alberto de Nóbrega, Raul Gil, Ratinho, Eliana, Luís Ricardo, Danilo Gentili, Celso Portiolli and Otávio Mesquita.

Still in the attraction, Silvio Santos presents the “Hidden Camera” unpublished titled “Steal Dinosaur Eggs”, which this time brings a great replica of a Tyrannosaurus with realistic movements. The dinosaur is hidden among trees in a park when a man runs off and screams with an animal’s egg in his arms. At this moment the unsuspecting victims who walk around the place are confused, but they enter into despair

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