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Silvio Santos expels Mara Maravilha from “Jogo dos Pontinhos”

Silvio Santos expelled Mara Maravilha from the “Game of the Dots”. The presenter no longer wants one of the “Fofocalizando” commanders in the frame of his attraction. The information is from the journalist Flávio Ricco.

The reason would be that Mara was going through too much jokes, wanting to appear too much.

For the place, SS asked for his production to call his daughter, Rebeca Abravanel, or Dudu Camargo. The first one is already being consulted and if it does not accept Dudu enters Mara’s place.

Mara’s expulsion occurred in the middle of the tape yesterday morning (16). That recording that counted on the return of Carlinhos Aguiar that had been dismissed.

saiba antes via instagram @revista.maisjr