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Silvio Santos receives Luana Piovani and Carol Marra in this Sunday’s show (21)

In the “Silvio Santos Program” this Sunday, January 21, at SBT, the boss receives the actresses Luana Piovani and Carol Marra to participate in the fun “Game of 3 Tracks”. Silvio Santos also presents three new “Hidden Cameras”, titled “Bola na Cara”, “Robozão” and “Ivo Candidato”. Also happens the debut of “The Owner of the Throne”, with jury formed by Décio Piccinini, Mara Maravilha and Lívia Andrade. In addition to a new “Jogo dos Pontinhos”, with Mara Maravilha, Flor, Helen Ganzarolli, Lívia Andrade, Nadja Haddad and Rafaella Viscardi on the bench.

During the “3 Track Game,” Silvio Santos talks to transgender actress Carol Marra to understand how her childhood was until she was physically a woman. “There was not a day:” Today you are a woman. ” Did not have. It was a discovery, “he explains. Luana Piovani does not hide the thrill of being on the show: “Is everything okay? I can not even believe I’m here (laughs). ” The master also premiered “The Owner of the Throne”, which in addition to the jury formed by Mara, Décio and Livia, presents four children, two as kings and two as queens. Young children come in to sing on stage to challenge the little ones on the throne. If they surprise the audience and the jurors replace one of the places of the throne.

In the “Game of the Dots” Silvio asks if the participants prefer quantity or quality at the time of sex. Lívia says which is her preference: “Quality is much better than quantity. It’s better to do something well done than more or less. I’m not rabbit. ” Already Mara has an unusual answer: “When we leave, what do we do? We like chocolate. It is true. There is research (which asked) whether they prefer sex or chocolate. Did you know you fired the chocolate? So I prefer chocolate. ” Then Mara jokes that Rafaella stole Dudu Camargo de Flor. The ex-blonde says that before the dancer appeared Dudu came to her house and even bought a car like her: “I have a red Mercedes and he bought one just like it, black.”

Still in the attraction, Silvio Santos presents three new “Hidden Cameras”. In the first one, Robozão, a child plays with a small toy robot through a remote control and asks an adult to pick up the toy later when the victim is surprised by a giant Robot. Already in “Ivo Candidato”, the king of the pranksters Ivo Holanda surprised people of a parking lot when completely adhering their automobiles with leaflets of electoral campaign. Finally, in “Bolo na Cara”, also with Ivo Holanda, people try to guess the taste of the cakes in a mall and when they approach the candy they end up with the face dirty by the candy.

“Silvio Santos Program” will air every Sunday, starting at 8pm, at SBT.

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