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Sorocaba LGBT Movements Charge City Hall

The Sorocaba LGBT social movements, through the Committee on Diversity and Gender of the 24th Subsection of the Brazilian Bar Association and the Sorocaba Transgender Association – ATS, met last Wednesday with the secretary of Equality and Social Assistance of Sorocaba, Cíntia de Almeida, and the Coordinator of Diversity, Ana Miragaia.

At the time, an application was filed, with 24 proposals, and the group promised to charge that at least three of them be executed. Participants also requested information on coordinating plans and projects in relation to public policies focused on LGBT rights.

Social movements took advantage of it to collect more dialogue and actions. Thara Wells, ATS general coordinator, said that the actions should be for yesterday and that the movement has longs for the delay of the realization of public policies.

Everyone came to the consensus of the importance of the creation of the LGBT Municipal Council. According to the general coordinator of ATS, Cíntia de Almeida is committed to personally articulate and support the Municipal Law Bill 174/2017 that creates the Council, to be placed on the agenda in the City Hall.

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