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State representative d Paraíba debate LGBT labor market in the state

In a debate held on the Radio Truth program of Radio Arapuam FM, on Monday afternoon (23), State Representative Eliza Virgínia (PSDB) and the Coordinator of the Movement Lilac Movement (MEL), Fernando Araújo, commented on the replacement of the LGBT population in the labor market, through public measures of the Municipality of João Pessoa (PMJP).

According to the deputy, the measure is administrative mismanagement on the part of the manager, because it violates the principle of isonomy. She took the opportunity to criticize the LGBT policies of the Capital.

“How does the City of João Pessoa make a program that will recruit only men and women transsexuals and homosexuals? Does it mean that other people, heterosexuals, are not worthy? “He asked.

“Today being homosexual or transsexual in João Pessoa means having the right to oral treatment, access to housing and now to employment. This is very serious for me, because there are already quotas for women, disabled, black, but this is gender discrimination, “he argued.

The parliamentarian also added that there are reports of people bothered about classes of gender ideology in schools, which for her is unacceptable.

In turn, the coordinator of the MEL claims that public policies for LGBT population are a historical demand and that this inclusion is fair and legal.

“Without a doubt guaranteeing jobs the LGBT population is fair, because, historically, we are discriminated against by our social condition, gender and our condition of life. We must have a public policy focused on these people, “he said.

“There are public policies aimed at blacks, women and, now, LGBTs. Not just trans, but all the lyrics of the movement, “concluded Fernando Araújo.

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