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Student says he suffered homophobic attack in Fortaleza by skinheads

A young student who did not want to be identified reported to the newspaper Tribuna do Ceará to have suffered a homophobic attack by skinheads in Fortaleza. The accused would be part of the group Carecas Pelo Brasil.

According to the young man, three bald men approached him as he walked down the street. It was then that he was surprised by kicks and punches, motivated by racist and homophobic ideas.

“Some people sent me pictures and I identified what hit me first and others who were in the group. In the shirt he had written: Carecas do Brasil – Northeast, “said the boy.

After the raid, he would have found a police car, but nothing would have been done: “They only went for a walk, they said they did not find it, they told me to go to the police station, but they did nothing else.”

“Not even my name they asked. They did not even write anything down. They only told me that they could not take me to the police station and told me to go there, but I was afraid to spend more time there and I came home, “he added.

The State Security Department says it is investigating the case and confirmed the boy’s version.

The Carecas for Brazil, in turn, is an institution that defines ideas of Nationalism, but the majority of its members is racist and homophobic, according to reports.

saiba antes via instagram @revista.maisjr