Tatá Werneck fights follower who called her a lesbian

The actress and presenter Tatá Werneck has shown that she has always good humor and amused the netizens by fooling a follower who called her a lesbian on Thursday, October 19.

“Nothing gets out of my head that Tatá is a dyke,” one person wrote on Twitter. Tatá did not let it pass dejected and retorted: “It would have no problem if it were, would divulge in a good one. But I wanted you to be the end of me anyway, could you? ”

Then she rebuked the surfer: “I am not, my love. Neither bi (bisexual). I’ve never even stayed with a woman, but when I feel like it I’ll come by your house, “he wrote.

The response given by Rafael Vitti’s girlfriend soon reverberated and the followers went wild with the joke of Tatá Werneck.

Ovated by TV viewers and critics, Tatá, who will be in the upcoming soap opera Globo’s Seven (“God Save the King”), revealed the formula for the success of her talk show and said how she makes the interviews sound so much.

“Meetings are different. A meeting with Cleo will not be the same as a meeting with Porchat or Bial, who, by the way, I’m a fan and I think the two geniuses. And I expose myself before any of my guests. I speak of my intimacies, I want to make them comfortable to give a ‘physical’ and not ‘legal’ interview. I try to create this chat environment between friends, “he said.

Finally, Bruna Marquezine’s friend said why she had not yet interviewed her boyfriend, actor Rafael Vitti. “We even thought about this possibility, but I preferred to protect it from myself,” she joked, who has the possibility of running a show on Globo.

saiba antes via instagram @revista.maisjr