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“They are people and enough,” says Gabriel Calamari of “Malhação” about gay harassment

The actor Gabriel Calamari, one of the highlights of the current season of “Malhação”, in an interview with the newspaper Extra, spoke as it deals with the harassment of the gay fans.

“I’m not interested in the sexuality of the fans. They are people and enough, “he said.
The cat still responded if he would assume his sexuality if he were gay.

“Of course I would. I have an enlightened family and, even if I did not, I would fight for my love, “he said.

In the story, Calamari plays the sensitive Felipe and said he had many similarities with the character.

“He has so much of what I went to school for his love of the arts and sensitivity to the issues around him. I bring to life Felipe’s ability to overcome disappointments, “he said.