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Trans actress of “Sense8” reproves Carol Duarte as trans in soap opera

Jamie Clayton, transsexual actress who lives the character Nomi of the series Sense8, decided to criticize the choice of Carol Duarte as the trans character Ivan in “The Force of Wanting”.

“I know that woman interpreting trans is not trans. I wonder if this is in part the reason for the positive reaction. I wonder what it would be like if he (the actor) was really trans, “he said.

While traveling through Brazil to participate in an event in São Paulo, the actress praised the choice of Maria Clara Spinelli, who is a trans woman, playing a cis woman in the novel.

“That’s even better. Having an actress who identifies herself as trans in real life and lives a character who is not trans, is the direction in which we need to go. Performance is it! Let us play those roles, let us interpret everything! “Clayton said.

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