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Twins assume gay after having affairs with same boy

Michael and Zach are two brothers famous for publishing videos talking about their lives as homosexual twins. Recently, they made a publication telling how they assumed each other: they kissed the same boy at school.

During high school, one did not know the other was gay. The twins were not very close, and while Mike was with the group of artists, Zach was part of the rugby team. “We were dealing with our own problems. In my mind, Michael was the heterosexual twin, “says Zach. “And I thought Zach was the heterosexual twin,” Michael added.

The revelation came to light when Zach had a stomach problem and stayed out of school for a week. As usual, Michael went to class, but was surprised when a boy approached him. The boy, whom the brothers described as an “emo version of singer Pete Wentz,” asked Michael if he wanted to “give a shit” in the bathroom. “I was so nervous, I was thinking everyone should know I was about to get oral sex,” Michael said.

In the video, Zach asks his brother if he already knew he was gay at the time. Michael explained that yes, he knew, but he did not think much about it because he did not want to be.

When the couple found themselves in the bathroom, they started kissing in one of the booths. However, they were cut short when two of Zach’s rugby players entered. Michael left the bathroom as quickly as possible. The next day he went to school while Zach was still sick at home. Hoping to be bullied by the scene from the previous day, Michael was shocked when Zach’s friends started asking him if his brother was gay. That was when he realized he had been confused.

The revelation

Michael was desperate to be mistaken for his brother and did not know how to tell him. When he came home that day, he made a sandwich for Zach and sat down to tell him that everyone at school was saying that Zach was gay. After explaining what had happened, Zach was confused because he did not think anyone had caught him when he was staying with the boy.

It turns out that Zach had stayed with the same boy a few days before, in the same bathroom. At this point, the twins realized they were both gay. “We ended up taking over the other because we got the same guy,” explained Zach. And the moral of the story? “Never do things in a bathroom cabin, especially at school,” Zach said.

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