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Two Brazilian destinations integrate ranking of best cities LGBTs

To celebrate the month of LGBT Pride and the 48th anniversary of the Stonewall Rebellion, considered one of the most important movements in the gay community, Nestpick surveyed the best gay friendly cities to live in. Among the 100 cities mentioned, only two Brazilian capitals were included, although with not very high places – São Paulo, in 35th position, and Rio de Janeiro, in 41st.

In order to achieve the closest result of reality, the research sought to analyze thousands of cities in about 80 countries with the active presence of the LGBT community, based on social networks and other tools. Altogether, more than 2,500 people participated in the survey and exposed three important factors: the scene of encounters and relationships in the cities, the quality of LGBT nightlife and the reception of citizens.

Two other important factors required another endorsement to compose the score. Security against hate crime was assessed based on data from public entities, as well as verifying the official number of crimes related to homophobia in each locality. And finally, LGBT rights, from national and regional legislation, which allows the analysis of the fairness of rights in issues such as marriages, adoptions and gender identity.

Each of the factors could be scored on a scale of one to five and the total obtained in the sum ranked the 100 best LGBT cities to live on. Next, check out the top ten list.

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