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University opens quotas for trans students

The Federal University of the ABC (UFABC) will reserve for the first time a number of places for trans students or transvestites in the institution’s famous course for the Enem (National High School Examination).

In all, six of the course’s 627 seats will be reserved for the genre. The number will also be offered to refugees. Quotas for blacks, pardos and natives are already offered.

“It is important that we have these places for T people because they are socially excluded from childhood, suffer all kinds of violence and are in extreme socio-economic vulnerability. Violence occurs even in educational institutions, making many of them not in these spaces, “said Raí Neres, coordinator of Grupo Prisma.

Registration starts on the 29th and runs until 02 February on the university campus in Santo André. The selection will be made through a test.