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Vitamin D is very important for health

Vitamin D has gained status as one of the most important substances for health because of its great importance for cardiovascular, immune, memory, muscular and reproductive functioning.

“In fact, vitamin D acts as a hormone in the body. If we look at the view that vitamins are not synthesized in the body and are achieved through diet. Vitamin D, on the other hand, is synthesized (activated) by the human organism from the food ingested and therefore classified in the category “hormones”. It comes from two main sources: diet and sun exposure (how it will be activated), “explains the endocrinologist Dr. Juliana Garcia Dias, who has a clinic in Rio de Janeiro.

The main source of vitamin D in food comes from ergocalciferol, present in mushrooms, such as large mushrooms, the portobelos. “And the sources of cholecalciferol are: cold-water fish – such as tuna and salmon. Bovine liver and cod liver oil also enter the list, “the doctor adds.

To produce vitamin D, we need exposure of the skin to the sun, unprotected, to UvB rays present at times between 10-16hrs. “At that time there is no safe sun exposure level, especially in the summer, as it can lead to problems such as premature aging and cancer.

In addition, individual factors such as weight and genetics may cause sun exposure to not be effective in activating vitamin D in the body. That is, you can expose yourself to the sun and still not reach adequate concentration in the blood, “warns the endocrinologist.

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