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Volleyball player trans rebates criticism about her presence in the Super League: “I knew it would not be easy”

The player Tiffany is one of the highlights of the women’s team of Bauru for this season of the Superliga volleyball. Trans, she’s been getting critiques of her presence. Those who are uncomfortable complain that she is at an advantage because of her masculine structure, even with the presence of hormones.

In an interview with Estadão, she countered the negative comments and says she does not feel offended.

“As a human being I feel stricken because I am not doing anything out of the law. As a professional, I knew it would not be easy to be accepted. They consider me as a landmark in the history of the sport, I have to consider myself and see myself as a person who is going after their happiness, without disrespecting or diminishing anyone, “he said.

Tiffany, on the other hand, has been getting a lot of support from her colleagues and sports lovers.

“I have received many expressions of affection from the fans and lovers of volleyball in general. People who are free from prejudice really support me and I see that their solidarity is real. ”

Regarding the comments that she is at an advantage, the player believes that are words that she is not aware of.

“I do not see committees of other leagues or professionals from other countries trying to challenge laws without research or study. We are not taking into account the laws and entities that govern the sport with this movement. They are seeking to make their opinions legitimate and thereby invalidate me as a player. ”

“Until they present these studies or until the IOC reverses the law, I will continue to play and do what makes me happy. People should try to do the same. ”

The IOC (International Olympic Committee) allows the presence of trans athletes in women’s teams as long as they are in hormonal treatment for at least 12 months before joining teams.