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What are the adoption options for LGBT couples?

Having children is the dream of many people, and LGBT couples are no exception. This is the case of the actor Paulo Gustavo, who recently announced on social networks that, along with her husband, will be parents of twins. The method chosen by the actor to increase the family was the surrogacy. Do you know what the options are for LGBT couples to have children?

It is important to remember that before choosing the method to have children, it is crucial to seek a doctor to know which is the most indicated and what are the chances of a pregnancy to come true. IGay talked to a specialist and researched to put together this list with alternatives for LGBT couples who want to be parents.

1. In Vitro Fertilization
According to the doctor Armando E. Hernandez, in vitro fertilization is a process in which fertilization occurs outside the body. The ovary and sperm meet and form the embryo, which is then carried into the uterus and causes pregnancy. In the case of a lesbian couple, one of the women – as long as it is both sexist and fertile – can carry the baby in her belly. If it’s a couple of men who have sex, they’ll need the help of a woman as a surrogate to get pregnant.

2. Rent Belly
Armando explains that the surrogate is when a woman begets the child of other parents. “We prepare the uterus artificially with several hormones at very precise times so that it is receptive in the transfer of embryos,” explains the doctor. It is indicated for couples of cistern men who can not gestate a child. When it comes to lesbian couple, the belly-rental service can be used as well, but the doctor says that in general, they use in vitro fertilization and one of them assumes gestation.

3. Artificial insemination
Unlike in vitro fertilization, insemination occurs inside the body, and consists of injecting sperm directly into the woman’s uterus and then fecundating the ovum and generating the fetus.

4. Adoption
The Brazilian Constitution affirms that all are equal before the law, which also includes rights related to adoption. According to attorney Mario Solimene Filho, in Brazil, anyone who intends to adopt a child must undergo a process of verification of the requisites and necessary conditions to do so, only then to become part of the National Register of Adoption (CNA) list ). “Among those requirements is not the sexual orientation of the adopter. Therefore, LGBT couples can apply for adoption on equal terms with any other citizen. What matters is that the interests of the adopted child are met, “explains the lawyer.

5. Trans Man Pregnancy
Couples formed one or two trans people also have some options to be parents. Besides adopting, for example, the transgender man – that person who was born a woman and made the transition – can get pregnant. Recently, several cases of trans pregnant men appeared in national and international newspapers and the subject was even approached by Gloria Perez in the novel “A Força do Querer”.

According to the doctor Ana Amorim, the fact that the person does not identify with the genre of birth does not make her have no desire to have children. If a transgender man wants to raise a child, he can, since treatment with the hormones will not make him infertile, but he needs to stop the treatment and give the body time to act again as a female. “The fact that a person stops taking testosterone already causes the ovaries to produce oocytes again and the uterus returns to produce the endometrium. In most cases, then, the person returns to being fertile and can become pregnant,” explains doctor.

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