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Woman is arrested in Cuiabá after killing with stab neighbor gay

A woman was arrested Wednesday in Rondonopolis, 218 km from Cuiabá, suspected of having murdered her neighbor, Willian de Oliveira Salles, a 22-year-old gay man. According to the Homicide and Protection of the Personnel Office (DHPP), Ângela Porto de Melo, 32, told police she would have disagreed with the victim.

Angela told the cops that Willian was gay and would be jealous of her with other people. The crime occurred on Wednesday night in Jardim das Flores neighborhood, where Angela was arrested hours after the murder. According to the Civil Police, Angela said that on the night of the crime she and Willian were drunk. The two men began to argue and exchange offenses.

Angela said that at the time of the discussion, she was cutting mangoes with a knife. Willian would have thrown a brick against Angela, who took the knife and struck the neighbor’s neck. Even injured, Willian tried to ask for help, but eventually died on the spot. Ângela should be referred to a female prison unit in Rondonopolis.

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