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Young people involved in the Dandara dos Santos case will remain hospitalized in Ceará

The Ceará Court of Justice maintained the socio-educational measure of deprivation of liberty for two teenagers suspected of involvement in the murder of the transvestite Dandara dos Santos, which occurred on February 15 of this year.

The two boys are among the 12 involved in the crime, which gained national repercussion after a circular video on social networks showing Dandara being beaten by the group. She was beaten with kicks and punches and then hit with two shots and a sting in the head.

The hospitalization measure was defined by the 2nd Childhood and Youth Court of Fortaleza, but the adolescents’ defense appealed the decision and asked that they be held liable for personal injury, not homicide. For one of the adolescents, the Justice was asked to define another socio-educational measure that was not hospitalized. For the other, the request was of measurement applied in open medium.

The rapporteur of the case, Jucid Peixoto do Amaral, denied the requests and the decision was upheld by the 3rd Chamber of Private Law. In the vote, Amaral considered that the authorship and materiality of the infraction act are proven and that the socio-educational measure of deprivation of liberty is due “due to the seriousness of the act, equivalent to homicide, for an awkward motive that shocked alencarina society, seen the way it was practiced. ”

Two more teenagers and eight adults are suspected of involvement in the murder. Of these, six are imprisoned and two remain fugitives. The case is the responsibility of the 1st Court of the Jury. The defendants are accused of murder quadruplingly qualified for clumsy and futile reasons, half cruel and with no chance of defense for the victim and also for corruption of minors.

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