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Young woman is a victim of homophobia while working in São Paulo

Last Wednesday (19), Vinicius Teixeira de Sousa, 23, who is a cashier at the Carrefour supermarket on Rebouças Avenue in Pinheiros, west of the city of São Paulo, was working at a time when a client, the salesman Garo Chamilian, came to a box next to yours to be attended to.

Sousa says that it was a question of a certain service function, and the man who was being treated began to change his voice, telling him to do his work quietly, without speaking to his colleague, because he was disturbing the service.

Without understanding the customer’s attitude, Sousa went back to work. Then Chamilian would have questioned the cashier and said, “You do not know who you’re messing with.” Next, the client would have attempted to offend him from his sexual condition. “If you do not get that fagot out of the box, I’ll give it to him,” the client would have told Sousa’s superior.

The supervisor went to the cashier where the clerk was and told him that he was going to leave because the client had said he would come back and assault him. “I’m not leaving, I’m going to stay here,” Sousa said. Shortly afterwards, Chamilian would have come back and knocked on the table, asking what he was talking about in a tone of intimidation.

“I can not work with a cell phone, nobody gave me a phone so I could call the police, I did not have any support,” says the cashier. He can only contact the police by the time the file is finished.

A PM official arrived at the site some time later, but said that at the moment he could not do anything, because the customer who would have threatened him was not there anymore.

Later on, one of the store’s managers would have complained to Sousa: “Every time that happens, you so calling the police, moving the cops to solve this?” Sousa said his superiors did not care about his employee safety. “The client can kill us there and for them it is few,” he says.

Around 11:30 pm, Sousa went alone to the 14th DP (Pinheiros) to open an incident report. “The company did not give me any support,” he says. As homophobia is not a crime, the recorded occurrence was one of injury and threat.

The accused, Garo Chamilian, denies all accusations in an interview with the site Ponte. “I did not say that. I have two homosexual friends, I even live with them, I’m not homophobic, far from it. In my family, too. I did not say that, he’s crazy. I said that these kind of people could not work there attending people. And look, I’m sorry, but nowadays any little thing is homophobia, sexual harassment and since all this happened, now I’m going to sue Carrefour, “said the businessman.

In a note, the Carrefour network claimed that “it has as one of its main pillars of action to value diversity, therefore, strongly disagrees with any type of discrimination” and that “as soon as you perceived the attitude of the client towards his collaborator, his team intervened quickly to qualify and guide the employee, curbing any other form of aggression and initiating a respectful but firm dialogue, since the company does not tolerate or even coexist with discriminatory practices. ” Finally, it states that it has “an interest for this case to be accurately assessed, contributing to the whole process.”

On November 10, witnesses who were in place at the time of the event will testify in the 14th DP.

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