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Between Brothers, about getting out of the closet and homophobia, is relaunched

Leaving the closet can be a wonderful moment in the life of a gay man, but it can also be the catalyst for a family crisis. Author Rafael Farias Teixeira, known for his fiction Vinícius in the World of White Towels, re-releases his first LGBT-themed book, Entre Irmãos, in the month of LGBT Pride.

Originally released in 2012, by Editora Multifoco, Entre Irmãos the story of three brothers, three intertwined and broken destinies. When Fernando decides to leave the closet, his family seems to crack and cease to exist as before. Mauricio despises the middle brother; And Beatrice, younger sister, does not know what to do to glue the pieces of this shattered fraternal photograph. Could the recent death of Maurice bring the necessary peace they seek? Will Fernando’s constant anger allow this? And what does the return of an old friend from Mauritius mean?

In 2014, the book competed for the PapoMix Diversity Prize in the Culture category. The book, relaunched directly by Amazon in physical format and Kindle, has already reached second place on the site’s best-selling gay fiction list. «It’s an important story that shows the main difficulties of those who are not well received when leaving the closet,» says Rafael. «It was a book that also helped me understand my own orientation, since I took over when I first arrived in São Paulo in 2010.»

The book addresses the drama of confronting an unintelligible family and the growing homophobia in the city of São Paulo. «The last chapter, especially, always makes me cry, because it is a synthesis of this fight that every gay man must face to be loved and accepted and at the same time this search for peace,» says the author.

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